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PEER, Glancing radar window door provides easiness and comfort for users by its quiet and high performance in automation sector and places where entrance and exist is very  dense. It  reduces the warm and cold weather balance minimum in warm and cold weather condition inside the place. It provides lots of function to users like : in cold weathers winter position , outdoor or inside radar cancel function , in places like chipper panel and proximity card usage it provides manual usage , besides in the case of power cut for the continuance of circulation accumulator  can be attached. By 24 V (Dc) motor time of action is limitless. It is suitable for every access control system .By the system of slowdown in opening and closing  it has the function of very quick and easy opening and closing. It go ahead in its line by its functional standards and most developed quality design in the market area. By its limitless color preference it adds a different  quality to its quality.
Peer Technical Specifications

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