Leader Of Automation Sector – Join This Family...

White rose which is one of the most successful company in automation sector , from the time of its establishment our company take part not only in our country but also in international fields with its scientific and quality service. Apart from being leader , it can achieve to be the leader of automation organization every time. Our principle is to offer you best service with following recent technological developments. It is the partner of customers with producing special solutions and self-sacrifice. It services to customers in all parts of Turkey with products which are produced by using superior technology and good quality of materials and 173sellors,services,supporters.Our company continue to be the target of world leader with 4 main strategy :

Globalization :

Changing the security dimensions and security in our time in all parts of the world our firm take an important mission to supply security of our customer take an important location in this sector . A time when the international capital movements and technological developments increase quickly Our firm started studies to spread our country's name to all world with the workers who take the responsibility of this mission.

Services :

Selling before and after continuous service, with the department of customer agent getting suggestions for suitable products and getting necessary help for selling , with technical service agent in fitting and service stages being partner of customers . etc . New service understanding is done continuously and renew in the development within the context of ISO 9001-200,CE and TSE.    

Quality :

Our products are produced in world standards and protected for their present quality and with the studies of arge team they are developed continuously. Besides, our firm which gives importance to quality has got ISO 9001-2000 TÜV CERT TSE production sufficiency certificate.

Price :

Supplying advantages by attractive and appropriate prices to customers.

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